Removal of Gilead Usage

Gilead sounded like a good way of getting around the hibernate proxy serialisation problem. So I started to include it as a dependency and it just failed. It was not compatible with hibernate-4.0 (ok, still in beta). Since I still wanted to use it, I got the sources and made it work with the new hibernate / spring versions.

Then I tried to get it run together with GWT-SL, but it failed. First it took me some time to recognize that GWT-SL is now a separate project on google-code and no longer on sf. Ok, then looked at the documentation and followed the example. Won’t work since GileadRPCServiceExporter does no longer exist. A look into the code did not clarify much, the change log just stated that gilead dependency was removed. The forum finally brought up a post where the developer of GWT-SL, George Georgovassilis, stated why:

  • – missing maven artifacts – yes I know that, too
  • – can be replaced by the new GWT RequestFactory

Now I opened the tutorial on the RequestFactory and started to remove gilead.


It feels like I have to do all steps from the whole GWT history with all its libraries that are now obsolete and outdated. Perhaps I should start to work through all GWT tutorials and documentation 🙂