Maven Settings for SmartGWT Selenium Tests



The last post was about the Java part of the automated testing of my SmartGWT application. This post is about the Maven part. Maven will start the selenium server and wait for the JUnit selenium part to call it. This is also the place to make the SmartGWT user extension known to selenium.

I use a test suite where all my UI tests are located inside. I also order my tests, because as most integration tests, they often depend on each other (this is not a unit test!). The execution of the test must wait until the integration-test phase to have everything compiled and more important to have the selenium server started.

pom.xml extract:

For my (headless) CI server running Jenkins on Ubuntu linux, I start the xvfb with my selenium server. On my local dev machine, I do not execute the integration-test phase, but just call mvn selenium:start-server before executing my UI tests in Eclipse.